Thursday, March 28, 2013


I guess it's inevitable that my life is going to start changing now that I'm reaching the final stretch of my high school career. It still seems incredibly surreal that in a few months I'm probably going to be living in a dorm room with a total stranger and I'll practically be on my own when it's not the summer, a major holiday, a break, or a weekend when I decided I'm too poor and need to collect my dues from my parents.

In the past month alone the amount of change I've seen in my life is ridiculous. People that I had pretty much severed connections with (and had absolutely no hope of being close to ever again) are making an effort to reconnect (and you won't hear me complaining). People are starting to realize that time is both precious and also the enemy.

Speaking of time, it seems I have really poor timing. I have come to realize that, unlike what seems to be the status quo attitude, I actually am quite fond of a decent amount of the underclassmen at Liberty High School. What sucks is the fact that 1) they're underclassmen and wont' be graduating with me. 2) I waited until my last semester of high school to get to know most of them. Oops...

Needless to say my whole world is slowly but surely being flipped onto its head, and there's a lot of evidence to suggest that the class of 2013 is starting to realize that the little bubble called "high school" that we've been living in for the past three years is about to burst whether we like it or not. On more than one occasion the paralyzing and somewhat overwhelming fear of my uncertain future has driven me to almost pee my pants.

This is all happening so fast.

What do you mean I need to pick a career path?

What do you mean I need to find a way to pay for college?

What do you mean I'm pretty much living away from Liberty for months at a time?

This is all happening so fast.

Can I get pregnant from this?

Who's going to pay child support?

Who's going to put me back on track when I get distracted like I just did ten seconds ago?

Who is going to answer all of these questions? I don't have a magic eight ball anymore!

I'm one part excited and one part nervous to start a new chapter in my life. I'm confident that if I follow my gut everything will work out, though. Here's hoping that college leads to a life that I love (preferably with a steady and comfortable income... talk about musician problems).


-- The sarcastic kid with the Jewish hair...

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