Friday, January 1, 2016

S*** Happens...

Staying awake on an overnight shift can be difficult. So this is how I'm occupying my time.

To say that 2015 went swimmingly would be a crock of shit.
I told myself I would start this post with guns blazin'. I think I pulled it off.
But what's a year without a little adversity, right?
This past winter semester I tanked my GPA.
My dog died.
I was diagnosed with three mental disorders.
I had my first panic attack (and several more after that).
Lost a few friends.
Donald Trump is still running for President.

And you know what? I don't care. I literally could not care less about all of these things.
Because shit happens. Shit happens all the time and too often there is nothing you can do to prevent it.
I've learned that the only thing you can do when shit happens is deal with it. Grab the bull by the horns and fight back.

So yeah, I could focus on all the things that weren't great this past year.
Or I could focus on all the things that happened over the last 365 days that were absolutely, mind-blowingly, incredible.

This was a year of firsts.
This year I got my first tattoo. And then I got another one after that... and another one. And I'm getting more... sorry mom and grandma.
This was my first semester as a Center for Leadership and Service Ambassador. I'm advocating for incredible programs that offer incredible opportunities at Mizzou.
This year I went on my first Mizzou Alternative Breaks trip with a group of incredible people.
That trip led to me getting to work at a job where I finally feel like I'm doing something with my life and making a difference in the lives of other people.
That job showed me that, while I am passionate about music, I am much more passionate in working with other people to discover their potential and tap into that potential so they can be great.
This year I made more friends. I met new people that are genuinely good people that make me want to be better.
This year I turned 21. That's all I'm gonna say about that.
This year I spent my first summer away from Liberty and had an incredible summer in Columbia.
This year I discovered the magic of coffee.
This year I started learning Italian. And I'm actually kind of okay at it.
This year I finished music theory and I could not be more thrilled to put it behind me.
This year I got to plan another Mizzou Alternative Breaks trip to Florida and now I'm going on another trip with another incredible group of humans (T-7 days until departure).
This year I listened to a lot of incredible music and made a lot of incredible music. Music is cool.
This year I climbed a lot of things and had a lot of adventures outdoors.
This year I started to really appreciate who I am and enjoy my own company.

I don't really buy into new year resolutions. I find it to be a rather tacky idea.
But I have to make one. Or several.
In 2016 I resolve to just be happy. I resolve to accept that bad times will happen and that I can either crumble under them or learn from them and move forward. I resolve to be humbled by the good times and appreciate when things are looking up.

And to everyone that has stuck by me during the good times and the bad: Thank you. Thank you a million times over I wish I could give every one of you the world. Just know that you have made a positive impact on the life of someone who will be forever grateful and that person is me (duh) and I think you're a rock star because of it. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.

I have 366 (leap year, y'all) days and I resolve to make the most of all of them.

Happy new year!