Thursday, February 21, 2013

I see the world in colors of leadership...

I have yet to leave my bed and I'm currently munching on pretzel sticks with Nutella, because I love America.


I thought it would be fun to start off this post with a list. Let the record show that I almost typed "start this post off with a lisp" which would have been sufficiently awkward because then I would have to replace all of the S's in this post with the combination of TH and that would take way too much time, so let's be glad I caught my mistake and this really isn't topical at all so I'm going to move on.

The list:

Things Tyler Could Be Doing Instead of Blogging That Would Be Much More Productive:

  1. Working on the paper that he hasn't been at school to write due to illness.
  2. Working on the math that he hasn't been at school to learn due to illness.
  3. Working on the psychology that he hasn't been at school to study due to illness.
  4. Clean his room (lolz, how 'bout no?).
  5. Do his laundry (I'm running out of stretchy pants). 
  6. Practice his viola (I really should, though). 
  7. Practice for choir.
  8. Walk his dog.
  9. Play with this dog.
  10. Walk his brother.
  11. Shovel the driveway.
  12. Push-ups
  13. Sit-ups
  14. Bathe the dog
  15. Bathe himself
I could do all of those things... but that sounds like work. Instead, I want to share some stuff with anyone who is bored enough to read this blog. And by "stuff" I really mean I just want to take this moment to talk about MASC and my experience at Winter Energizer. I'm perfectly aware that this post is way overdue, but I'm a busy person and, since my Xbox froze, I figured now would be a better time than ever, because it's not like I have a long list of things I could (should) be doing instead. 

*insert transition that I didn't want to think of here*

One of my favorite things that I did with MASC was when I took a survey that told me my "True Colors." It's this concept that there are four different styles of personality/leadership, and they're each represented by a color. 

The four colors are teal, orange, silver, and green. Each one of them represents a very real, very human personality. Each color has its strengths. Each color has its weaknesses. 

Teals are authentic. According to authentic is defined as: "not false or copied; genuine." Teals are the people who put their heart on their sleeve and want to show the world affection and receive affection in return. They value compassion and sympathy. Teals do not stand for being deceived. They express enthusiasm and foster harmony. Teals promote the growth and development of others. Teals are compassionate.

Oranges are skillful. They are spontaneous and want to be free. They value skills, having options, and charisma. They want flexibility and want to avoid rigidness. Oranges are known for being optimistic, if not a little impatient. Oranges are confident and eager. They foster enjoyment and fun. Oranges promote stimulation and taking risks. Oranges are fun-loving. 

Silvers are dutiful. They want assets, security, and to have an influence on others. Silvers value dependability, accountability, and responsibility. They do not enjoy disobedience, non-conformity, or insubordination. Silvers express concern (when needed), stability, and purpose. They respect loyalty and obligation while promoting a team atmosphere, bonds, and organization. Silvers are stable. 

Greens are intelligent. They dream of truth, perfection, and accuracy. They value answers, resolutions, and explanations. They dislike injustice and unfairness. They express coolness, and calm collectedness, and reservation. They respect one's capabilities and promote effectiveness, competence, and know-how. Greens are tough-minded. 

If there's one thing I learn and relearn whenever I transition from MASC to normal life, it's that there isn't one person who can't relate to one of these colors (if not all of them) in some way. It's impossible to not identify with one of these colors because all of these colors describe what it means to be human. And unless you're a reptile / amphibian / bird / fish / invertebrate / non-human mammal you'll identify with one of these descriptions, too. 

I remember the first time I took the quiz that was designed to tell me what my color(s) were. After I finished it my Kouncil (I know how I spelled it) and I got to reflect on what we thought it meant. It was an awesome experience. When I know someone's color it immediately radiates out of them. They become a huge ball of teal / orange / silver / green. Knowing your color allows for a lot of introspection. I remember when I forced one of my best friends to sit down and take the quiz. Ironically we scored exactly opposite. That's what's awesome. All of the colors, when utilized correctly, are compatible with one another.

So this is my "challenge" to you. If you read this, and it piqued your interest, I would like for you to simply comment on the Facebook post that held the link to this blog with what color(s?) you think I am. I take this quiz once a month and it usually yields consistent results, but I want to see if the way I'm perceived matches the way I perceive myself. And in return I want to take a stab at what color I think you might be. Just for funsies.

PS If you already know what color I am you're BANNED from the game. That would be cheating.

That's all.

Stay in school, everyone!

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