Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Things To Know About Outgoing Introverts...

People keep telling me I'm an extrovert.
This is not true.
I am not an extrovert. I like to think of myself as an "outgoing introvert." I do not thrive in large crowds. I do not get energized by interacting with gratuitous amounts of people for extended periods of time. I often like doing those things, but they exhaust me. It's a good kind of tired. Kind of like after you work out.
We're kind of a paradox. We don't adhere to the stereotypical idea of an introvert. We're not necessarily a quiet bunch of people who like to be alone all the time. So we can be a little hard to understand at times. We're crazy into our feelings but we don't always express them for the world to see. So here are a few things you should know that will hopefully spare you some headaches later if you ever have the (mis)fortune of encountering one of our kind.

1. We're typically loud people. But the volume of what we say out loud is nothing compared to the volume of what is being said in our mind. We are notorious for overthinking. If we are quiet it's because we are completely consumed by our thoughts. Sometimes that's good and sometimes that's bad. It depends on the situation.

2. We are very emotionally intelligent. We are aware of our emotions and the emotions of people around us. It's what allows us to be a people person. We just get it. We are very empathetic and can read plenty of people like an open book.

3. We are not an open book. The paradox that is our personality is very hard to understand. You may think you're reading us but you're probably just getting the Spark Notes synopsis. There's only so much you can get from a synopsis.

4. We can sniff out bullshit like a shark can smell blood. There is no point in lying to an outgoing introvert. Our overactive minds have made us very good at picking up details. You may not think you give away when you lie, but you do. And an outgoing introvert is going to pick up on it if you lie to them enough. We may not call you out on it, but we've filed it away. It's ready to be used when the time arrives.

5. If we like someone we REALLY like them. We are still introverts, after all. We have a social battery. I only know two people that don't drain that battery when I interact with them. When we find people like that we love them a lot. We get a taste of the extroverted life and it's nice. We want more. But only with those specific people. Everyone else still has to adhere to the battery.

6. We're very selective about who we want to talk to on the phone. We have a habit of screening phone calls. So unless you're one of the special people that fit into the above point there are no promises that we'll get back to you right away. Sorry, that's just how it works. Unless, of course, it's an emergency or very very important. All I'm saying is if you text me "hey" (not that anyone texts me these days) don't expect an immediate response. There's also just a good chance I'm sleeping.

7. Small talk sucks. It's the worst. Not much else to say on that subject.

8. You might think we're flirting with you and the chances are that we're not. While it might be exhausting for us to interact with other humans, we are still very very good at it. We make it seem instinctual. We can be charming. That does not mean we want to get in your pants or date you. If we want to date you we'll probably just ask you on a date. We're pretty up front folk.

9. We are honest to the point of brutality. There's no point in lying or pulling punches when it comes to honesty. But at the same time we won't be brutally honest unless you ask or we think you can handle it. Just remember: If you ask a question we are in no way responsible for any damage caused by the answer. You asked.

10. We are human. We are not perfect. But we like to be included. If you're doing something and wonder if you should invite us then invite us. It can't hurt. If we say no then feel good because it makes us feel good to know that people still like to include us. If we say yes then get ready for a good ass time. It means we're running on a full social battery and want to have some fun.

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