Monday, November 5, 2012

Unwritten Rules of High School You're Still Expected to Know...

Since I started my high school career I've noticed that there are some general rules that, though they aren't documented (at least I don't think they are), you're still expected to know them. Some of said rules are as follows:

1. When walking through the hallway you must walk on the right side. If you're driving down the road do you drive on the left side of the yellow line? No. That would be stupid. Pretend the hallways have a big yellow line going down the middle. Don't be the kid driving towards oncoming traffic. That would make you dumb.

2. When you are walking up a narrow staircase and it's crowded you must walk single file. Otherwise any harm that comes your way you as a result of you potentially falling down the stairs is nobody's fault but your own. What did elementary school teach you about line basics? 

3. When in the parking lot and leaving the school YOU MUST TAKE TURNS. No ifs and or buts about it. Don't be that douche bag that doesn't let the kid who was patiently waiting into the line to leave. You're just asking for your car to be keyed the next day. 

4. If you go to school with the expectation of being treated like a princess you will be treated like a peasant. No exceptions.

5. Athletes have no right to make fun of musicians. When was the last time your sports team took second in a national competition? I didn't think so. 

6. Likewise musicians should not treat athletes as intellectually inferior. 

7. If you see one of your good friends in the hallway YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THEM. They might be having a rough day (commonly known as "Monday") and you could easily help turn their day around. 

8. There is no reason for you to be wearing full camo to school. Contrary to popular belief it just makes you stand out more. All of our walls are bright shiny colors now. 

9. If your favorite bathroom is across the school it is perfectly okay to walk across the school to use that bathroom. You should be able to tinkle in comfort. 

10. There is no excuse to leave dirty clothes in your locker. That is nasty and EVERYONE can smell it. Either take it home and wash it or burn it. Whichever one the situation calls for.

11. That being said, please don't clog the school's oxygen supply with a plethora of fragrances. I like smelling nice smells, but not a bunch at one time. Chill with the perfume, ladies. And guys Axe body doesn't smell good. It just tells everyone else "hey... I'm kind of a douche bag." 


13. If it went to the lost and found you'll probably never see it again. Just sayin'. 

14. Nobody goes to school to learn. You know it and I know it.  

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