Wednesday, October 10, 2012

In A Perfect World...

I'm sick. I've already seen this episode of Full House. I'm bored.

Thus, this blog post was born. So today during 1st hour, I did some thinking (which is really impressive, by the way, because I was barely coherent, and if you asked me what I did during first hour I couldn't tell you). 

I present to you "In A Perfect World." Written by... well... me. 

In a perfect world, the petty drama of high school wouldn't exist.
Geek and jock would live in perfect harmony. 
The school slut wouldn't be pregnant... again.

School wouldn't totally stress us out. 
"Grades" wouldn't be a word that makes the typical teenager cringe. 
People wouldn't fight. At all.

In a perfect world, your differences wouldn't make you a bad person.
Politics would be a figment of the imagination.
Religion wouldn't cause the fights that it does. 

In a perfect world, we would have no worries.
We wouldn't worry about money.
We wouldn't worry about fitting in.
We wouldn't worry about impressing other people.

In a perfect world we wouldn't be defined by what we have.
We wouldn't freak out over the newest phone.
We wouldn't worry about what other people think of the car we drive...
Or the clothes we wear...
Or who we hang out with.

In a perfect world I wouldn't be sick.
Nobody would be sick. 
Everyone would get along.
Nobody would starve.
There would be no war.
Or crime.

In a perfect world the relationships I was so happy to have...
I would never doubt them.

In a perfect world, the occasional silence wouldn't bother me... rip my confidence to shreds...

In a perfect world my damn shoulder wouldn't hurt (owwwwwwwwwwww). 

In a perfect world Tyler Perry wouldn't be in an action thriller movie. 

But the world isn't perfect.

High school drama exists.
School still manages to stress us out. 
We have plenty to worry about.
What we have still manages to help define who we are. 
People still get sick.
People around the world are starving.
Politics still has an iron grip on the nation.
So called religion still provokes fighting across the globe. 
I still doubt the people I'm blessed to have as friends... sometimes. It's not their fault, though.   
My confidence could use some help at times. 
My shoulder still hurts.
And sadly Tyler Perry IS in an action thriller movie... 

The world is far from perfect. 

Sometimes we just have to make do, though, and look at what makes the world good.

What makes your world good? 

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