Monday, July 30, 2012

That Llama Was Rad... Those Pews Are For Sale... And if Mother Nature Let's It Rain This Weekend She's Going On My Bitch List...

This summer. I don't even... gah. A warning of how much I was going to learn this summer would have been helpful. I wasn't prepared at all. Which is fine. If you like fighting monkeys with flame throwers.

Okay, I didn't fight monkeys with flamethrowers, but that's definitely what I'm going to tell people I did on the first day of school when teachers are like "what did you do over the summer? Share it with the class. NOW." So much for confidentiality. Jerk. However, I figured I would share with you guys what my summer has consisted of so far. And if you don't want to hear about it... well that's too bad. It's my blog. I'll do what I want.

Let's start with the end of the school year. I took tests. A lot. I flipped my lid because I was stressed. A lot. I skipped classes. Twice. One of the times was for Chipotle. IT WAS JUSTIFIED. The other time was for a nap. Who cares if it was justified? I chilled with some friends and Chinese food and reinforced the theory that I can't throw objects with any degree of accuracy. Unless you count sarcastic insults as objects. Heh. BULLS EYE.

Then I started working. I really ruin the whole stereo typical lifeguard ideal. Muscular I am not. Hawt blond surfer I am not. Chiseled I am not. I sit in a chair for six hours and blow a whistle when little children get the idea that it might be okay to run. NO. Stop running. I love it.

The first huge event I had this summer was StuCo camp. And to all of the poop faces who say that StuCo camp sounds lame... well I'm sorry that you were never held as a child. Don't take it out on us. StuCo camp literally is the most life changing experience I've ever had (sorry mission trip friends. Silver medals are purdy, though). When you get 500 of the most outgoing kids in Missouri and you put them together for a week on a college campus... dear God. I don't know how I lived through that. First you have to learn a crap ton of camp songs. Let me share with you the lyrics of one of those camp songs.

Dough - the stuff they put in twinkies
Ray - the guy who buys me twinkies
Me - The guy Ray buys twinkies for
Fah - a long, long way from twinkies
So - I think I'll have a twinkie
La - La la la la la twinkie
Tea - no thanks I'll have a twinkie
And that brings us back to dough
Twinkie, twinkie, twinkie, DOUGH

What? WHAT?! Who is Ray? And why is he buying me twinkies? I don't remember asking Ray to buy me twinkies. I don't even LIKE twinkies. This song doesn't even make sense! But singing it in an auditorium at the top of your lungs is fun. It's fun because every other person in that auditorium is singing along. Nobody else cares that you look like an idiot. Everyone else looks like an idiot too. StuCo camp is the one place I have been to where our differences meant nothing to anyone else. White, black, skinny, fat, gay, straight, smart, not so smart. It didn't matter who you were. It didn't matter where you came from. The only thing that mattered was that you were there, and your life was going to change with everyone else's. I assure you that I have never been to any other place EVER where you can just be you and not one person judged you. Not one. The acceptance that we showed each other that week was incredible. I wish everyone could go to Fulton. It changes your life.

Another thing I learned about at StuCo camp is the word Gusto. Living with Gusto and how important it is. I'll explain that later though.

P.S. ...

MASC HOW DO YOU FEEL?! I've missed screaming that. So much.



Oh and if you've ever told me that StuCo camp sounds stupid... I've probably visualized pushing you down the stairs... multiple times. Good day.

The other event I got to take part in was a mission trip to DeSoto Missouri. I think there should be a limit on how many life changing weeks you can go through in one summer. I was so overwhelmed. I learned a lot on the mission trip, too. No I'm not going to preach to you about how awesome God is (although He is undeniably awesome). I'm probably not the right person to do that. I'm still new to the whole religion thing, and I'm working those kinks out.

I think the thing I liked the most about DeSoto was the people. I went with a youth group full of people that I love (dear friend, thank you again for forcing me to spend time with your youth group... you were right and I was wrong and this is the ONLY time you'll witness me admitting it. So HA.) so I was already prepared to have a blast. What I didn't expect was for our youth group and the First Baptist Church of DeSoto's youth group to get along so well so fast. Holy friendship Batman!

The most significant lesson I got out of the mission trip to DeSoto was that you only get to live on this earth one time. Just once. Don't waste it.

I don't think they intentionally tried to teach me that, but that's what I got out of it. Now I want to take this lesson, and I want to pair it with the word I mentioned earlier: "Gusto." Personally when I hear the word Gusto I think about just enjoying life, but at the same time giving 110% at everything you do.

Those two weeks combined taught me that, because you only live once on this earth, you need to enjoy your life and give 110% for everything you do. Otherwise you're just wasting your time. It's a simple lesson, but it's a significant one.

My two big trips for this summer have come and gone. They're over. That makes me a little sad. The last thing I'm getting to do is go with two of my best friends on a float trip for a weekend. I'm so ready to just float down a river and relax. It'll be good thinking time. But not my usual kind of thinking. Only happy thoughts. So friends going on the float trip... I'm counting on you to make me think happy thoughts. Not the usual negative bull shit that runs through my head. Please and thank you. Let's float.

This summer has been freaking crazy (in a good way). I'm so glad I got to meet and grow close to so many new and awesome people. I'm even happier that I got to grow even closer to people I already knew. I feel absolutely 100% ready to take on senior year, and I'm kind of excited for school to start.

I hope all of you have also had a satisfying summer.

Don't do drugs.
Don't have sex, or you will get pregnant. And die.


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